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Keep Our Communities Safe

March 19, 2020 #

We’re doing what we can to help keep our communities safe, while still remaining committed to helping you with all your property needs.

Our Service never stops.

We’ve taken the decision to close our physical offices for the time being but for Global Properties Ltd., business continues as usual. We’re available by phone, email or message to continue serving you and all of your property needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on (021) 4877133 or Con on 086-2391118 /                                                                                                                            

Is Cork Estate Agent’s 3D Virtual Tour the answer to selling your home during the coronavirus?

March 13, 2020 #

One auctioneer in Cork is very prepared for coronavirus restrictions.

Global Properties provide 3D virtual tours of many of their properties for sale or to let. This allows viewers to have a full viewing of the property from the comfort of their home or office.  Global invested in the technology two years ago, and last year Con Nagle tells us that Global Properties sold four homes, where the buyer did not attend in person to view the property. They bought on the strength of the 3d virtual tour. 

With modern technology, Google maps takes the viewer to the house, and the Global Properties 3D virtual tour gives the viewer a tour of the property. 

As Con says, we can change nothing in the tour, and the viewer can take as long as they want looking in each room, from the comfort of wherever in the world they are.

A 3D Virtual Tour literally brings your property to life and allows you to have an “Open House 24/7”. It inspires buyers and is ideal for time poor purchasers. 3D Tours are the most realistic way to view a property online. Standard photographs and 2D virtual tours tell buyers what a property looks like, where as you can show them what it feels like, with a 3D Virtual Tour.

So, is the future of property sales here? Global Properties believe that 3D virtual tour as part of the future. And especially so for the next few months. Where travel restrictions, and fear of the coronavirus, may slow down viewings, Global Properties expect to be busy.

When we have a 3D Virtual Tour of your home, most viewers look at the 3D virtual tour before arranging an “in person” appointment. Therefore anybody who views the property is extremely interested.

Take a virtual tour of some of the properties we are selling in Cork County. We have homes in Ovens, Ballincollig, Macroom, Douglas, Bishopstown and Innishannon for you to view.

If you are selling and want to ensure a good service during this time, call Global Properties. After all, a lot of people will be working from home, and will have the time to take a virtual tour of your home. 

By enabling your prospective buyers to see your property in 3D, you can stand out from the competition. Sellers will be happy that their property is being showcased with superior technology; buyers will be impressed with the visually rich experience. 

A 3D Virtual tour allows a realistic view of a space’s size, the ability to see the space from any angle, and of course, the simplicity of accessing the 3D Virtual Tour from anywhere with an internet connection.

So if you are looking to sell, and want less people wandering around your home, give Con a ring on 021-4877133. Remember, one extra bid can be worth thousands of euro, so go the extra mile, especially now.

Con Nagle ( is a director of Global Properties Estate Agents, with offices in Cork City centre & Ballincollig. He is author of “Selling your Home-The complete Irish guide to giving your home that winning edge!”  Global Properties have embraced the market leading technology of 3D Virtual Tours.

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Virtual tours get clicked upon 40% more than listings without virtual tours ( (2018))

The 2020 Election and Property

February 10, 2020 #

Over the next few weeks, those elected will be working on forming a New Government, but what does the election mean for housing? What does it mean for you?

Somethings won’t change (at least not in the short term).

  1. Buying a home is cheaper than renting. And as No Irish Government has any meaningful input into Euro interest rates, this is likely to stay the same
  2. In the Rental market, whether social homes, or private rental market, supply takes many years to increase, and it has increased from less than 5,000 new homes a year, up to almost 20,000 in 2019.
  3. Rent Freezes; No party is talking about rent reduction legislation, so rent freezes, at the current high level, won’t do much for people looking to rent, but will scare investors from buying, thereby starving the rental market of homes to let.

Hopefully our New Government will:

  1. Service more building land, enabling supply to increase.
  2. Give Irish Water the resources to supply water and sewers in many areas where there is demand for homes.
  3. Streamline planning for new homes, enabling homes to be built faster.
  4. Provide assistance on financing for development (it currently costs in the region of 10% p.a. for builders to borrow. Which they then pass on to the buyers).
  5. Cut down on the Billions of Euro spent on HAP (Housing Assistance Payments) to private Landlords, and increase the amount of state owned social Homes, with the savings.
  6. Right size the usage of social homes. Yes, a social home is your home, but your needs and requirements change as do your circumstances change. Provide people with the opportunities to move as families grow, fall, etc.
  7.  Improve public Transport options for those living in the suburbs.
  8. Local property tax should be used locally for local improvements.
  9. More apprentices would lead to an increase in skills. We also need bring back our skilled workers from other countries.

Well that’s my two cents worth. Here is hoping we get Housing Solutions for ALL.

12 Cook Street, Cork                          Main St., Ballincollig

Tel:            021 4273038                                 021 4877133                           

Global Properties would like to wish you all a Healthy and happy New Year. Looking forward to dealing with all of your property needs in 2020.

January 3, 2020 #

10 Sizzling Summer House Selling Tips.

July 23, 2019 #

 If you’re thinking now might be the ideal time to put your house on the market, you are not the only one. Summer suits many buyers and sellers as they have holidays, longer evenings and there is a lower stock of houses coming to the market. These sizzling summer tips will get you off to the right start:

1. Preparation. Small adjustments such as painting and de-cluttering can help get you a quick sale for the best price.

2. Highlight Outdoor Living space. Cut the Grass, plant flowers, trim plants. Present the decking area and patio to their best. Stage the outside with garden furniture.

3. Pricing the home right can make a great difference. Properties that are initially overpriced tend to eventually sell at a lower price.

4. Have all your paperwork sorted. A good estate agent will know how to handle all the information at their disposal to attract potential buyers. Highlight the good.

5. De-personalize your home. Get rid of children and pets and make your home as neutral as possible. Overly “lived-in-look” is quickest way to get potential buyers out of the door.

6. Choosing the best estate agent. All home sellers should expect the best. At Global Properties (Cork City 021/4273038 & Ballincollig 021/4877133) we strive to give the best service humanly possible. We are licensed and very experienced in selling Cork Homes.

7. First Impressions. Get the most out of your viewings, fresh flowers, open curtains etc. It’s not the only factor but first impressions count.

8. Fix everything that needs to be fixed. Whether it’s a wonky doorknob or the boiler. If you want to sell your house fast it should be picture perfect.

9. Curb appeal: Clean and paint everything from the footpath to the front door. The bright and sunny days mean that people take their time and SEE EVERYTHING, as they enter your home (as opposed to running in to avoid the rain in the winter.)

10. Call Global Properties, and relax….. We will advise you all the way to “SOLD”. Visit to contact us, like us on Facebook. 


  12 Cook Street, Cork        Main St., Ballincollig                    Tel: 021 4273038             Tel: 021 4877133


Do you want to save €325 to €515 per month on your rent today?

May 31, 2019 #

Call us in Global to find out how (hint: it is far cheaper to buy than rent)

Buying any of these 5 houses, saves you hundreds per month.

20 Granary Court                    2 bedroomed apartment                      €220,000

Mortgage €775p.m.                 Rent €1,100p.m.             Save €325 every month

4 Shalimar                               Spacious 2/3 bed apartment                €265,000

Mortgage €925p.m.                 Rent €1,300p.m.                     Save €375 every month

2 The Cloisters                        3 bed Semi-detached                          €275,000

Mortgage €955p.m.                 Rent €1,400p.m.                     Save €445 every month

9 Glincool Villas                     3 bed Detached Bungalow                 €285,000

Mortgage €988p.m.                 Rent €1,450p.m.                     Save €462 every month


8 Berryfield, Classis Lake       4 Bed Detached                                  €380,000

Mortgage €1,285p.m.              Rent €1,800p.m.                     Save €515 every month


Assuming that a purchaser gets 90% finance over 30 years. While owning a property does not come without costs, it has many advantages also.

Note: Global Properties are not financial advisors/ mortgage brokers, and are just commenting on same and not giving financial advice.

Hiring a “Buyers Agent” made this Cork investor €80,000.

March 1, 2019 #

Most people in Ireland think of estate agents as selling and letting property only, but we in Global Properties also provide a “Property Buyers Service”.

Last week (Feb. 2019) we sourced and bought a property for an investor, in Cork City, which was €80k under-valued. Yes €80,000 euro under the price of the last property sold in the estate. WOW, and our fee was only €5k.


In today’s fast-paced world, where answers are a Google search away, there are some who may wonder what the benefits of hiring a property professional to help them in their home or investment search are. The truth is, with the addition of more information, comes more confusion. Now more than ever, you need an expert on your side who is going to guide you toward your goal and not let anything get in the way of achieving them

Here are some of the reasons you need a professional in your corner:

There’s more to buying a property than finding a house you like online.

You want someone who has been there before, someone who knows what these actions are, to ensure you achieve your desired outcome.

You Need a Skilled Negotiator

In today’s market, hiring a talented negotiator could save you thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of Euros, in the above case. Alternatively, you might just need someone who can keep the deal together until it closes.

What is the property you’re buying worth in today’s market?

There is so much information out there, on the news and on the internet about property sales, prices, and mortgages, rate changes, etc. how do you know what’s going on in your area?

Hiring an agent who has their finger on the pulse of the market will make your buying experience an educated one.

Bottom Line

Today’s property market is highly competitive. Having a professional who’s been there, to guide you through the process is a simple step that will give you a huge advantage!

So if you are buying and want an expert sourcing the property for you feel free to contact Con Nagle or Barry Nagle. The initial Consultation is Free.

We’ve been advising people about property in Cork for more than 25 years each.

Steps to Solve Our Housing Crisis

February 18, 2019 #


The dysfunctional housing market has major implications for the Irish economy, our citizens’ wellbeing, the labour market, inward and domestic investment.

We’ve had many government interventions but none have succeeded in taking the housing crisis off the front pages for more than a few days.  We continue to have yet another report or another retired civil servant heading up a new quango.

The issue is having a major psychological impact, affecting people’s ability to be productive citizens. It will undoubtedly lead to more tragic homeless deaths, and more families sleeping in Garda stations.

Some €39 million was spent in 2017 on accommodating homeless families in hotels and B&Bs in Dublin. Another €9.9 million was spent on other private emergency accommodation. Almost €50 million in one year. Assuming Local Authorities outside Dublin are spending a similar amount that’s likely to be €100m for short-term temporary fixes.

If this €100 million every year was to be used to pay back interest on a housing bond, the state could borrow €8- €10 billion, assuming a 1pc interest rate, to invest in long term solutions. Ireland can borrow money at record low levels. This would build 30-40,000 housing units at an average cost of €250,000 each.

Whether or not the roof over your head is owned by you, mortgaged to the bank, rented from a landlord or the state itself, it amounts to a place called ‘home’, which temporary accommodation never can do.

Drivers of demand such as net migration, obsolescence, household formation and a strong economy mean that demand for accommodation will continue to rise. Increased supply is the only way to solve the housing affordability problem.

Policy targets and statements of intent are at nought unless the intended output is actually achieved.

Here I propose a 50 point plan for solving our housing crisis. If half of these were implemented we’d be well on our way to doing so.

1          Speed up the Planning System:

2          Zone far more land than is required:

3          Increase Density:

4          Allow Planning where Infrastructure is underway, but not necessarily complete:

5          Allow smaller Apartments in city centers:

6          Speed up Probate:

7          Adjust the Fair Deal Nursing Home Scheme:

8          Quick enactment of exemptions to allow vacant commercial units and over-the-shop premises to be used as residences without planning permission:

9          Implement the Vacant Site Levy:

10        Train Apprentices now:

11        Employ Bricklayers and other trades to build homes:

12        Stop blaming Airbnb:

13        Build long term social houses now: 

14        Invest more in good Mental Health and Addiction Services to help Rough Sleepers:

15        Improve the availability of lending for developers:

16        Keep and extend the Help-to-Buy scheme:  

17        Increase the Local Property Tax (LPT) to create more efficient use of existing resources:

18        Reduce Development Levies for new home construction:

19        Service more Land immediately:    

20        Rebalance Landlord/Tenant obligations (as opposed to rights):

21        Abolish Rental Pressure Zones:

22        Collect better statistics on housing:

23        Reduce Capital Gains Tax: 

24        Build on Government land, including semi state property:

25        Stop Excessive Irish Water charges and regulations:

26        Make Planning Permissions last longer:

27        Irish Water to Take on Developer Built Sewage Treatment Plants:

28        Build to rent:

29        Continue to Build Student Accommodation:  

30        Push Social Housing efficiencies:

31        Build More Nursing Homes (explore the possibility of providing tax breaks):

32        Set up a Development Bank:

33        Speed up Conveyancing:

34        Speed up Land Registry:

35        Allow Increased Building Site Working hours:

36        Introduce Targeted Tax Breaks:

37        Reduce the myriad of NGOs in Housing/Homeless services:

38        Cost benefit analysis on some onerous Building Regulations: 

39        Speed up the maintenance and upgrading of Local Authority properties ensuing faster turnaround of vacant social housing stock:

40        Reduce VAT on construction of homes (for a limited period):

41        Allow Credit Unions to provide mortgages:

42        Unlock the power of Credit Unions reserves to build homes:  

43        Reduce the number of car parking spaces required in urban residential developments:

44        Reconfigure the tax system in relation to Residential Investors:

45        Increase regional investment to counter balance Dublin:

46        Stop prioritsing FTBs- second time buyers, needing to move are in crisis also.

47        Introduce Better Assessment of Need under HAP:

48        Stop the State competing for second hand homes:


Con Nagle has a Master’s Degree in Economics, and 25 years’ experience buying, selling and letting new and second hand residential properties.

He is also the author of ‘Selling your Home’, and a director of Global Properties Ltd, estate agents in Cork, and member of IPAV, TEGoVA and the SCSI.

Buying Versus Renting

February 6, 2019 #

An amazing statistic for you. You can save €395 p.m. by buying this three bedroomed home rather than renting in the same development.

At present, we in Global Properties are offering for sale a three bedroomed semi-detached home minutes from shops, bars, restaurants, the South Link, public transport, the Regional Park, etc. at 77 An Caislean in Ballincollig. It is in turnkey condition, so ready to move immediately.

I was looking at last night and there was another three bedroomed house available in this development, this time for rent at €1,400 per month. It got me thinking, would somebody be better off renting or buying.


So here are the stats;

We are selling this three bed unit with an asking price of €265,000.


Assuming that a purchaser gets 90% finance (€238,500) over 30 years, the monthly mortgage payments are as low as €1,005.53 for an EBS mortgage.


The financials:                                                                                    Monthly:


Rent for three bed house in An Caislean                                             €1,400 (source:

Monthly mortgage repayments                                                            €1,005

Savings when buying over renting                                                       €395


Wow, there you have it. If you can get a mortgage, you can save €395 per month, by buying from Global Properties Ltd. in An Caislean, rather than renting in the same development.


While owning a property does not come without costs, it has many advantages also.


Note: Global Properties are not financial advisors/ mortgage brokers, and are just commenting on same and not giving financial advice. Mortgage rate is via EBS. Contact Or 021-4873610 for advice on the best mortgage for you.



Save thousands of euro in interest on your mortgage.

January 29, 2019 #

Almost everybody under 50 years of age has a mortgage on their home, as the most common length of a mortgage is a 25 or 30-year term. If the thought of paying for your home over the course of 30-years seems daunting, here are some easy ways to shorten that term which will actually end up saving you money over the life of your mortgage.

Any additional payments to the principal amount (the original sum of money borrowed in a loan), helps to cut down the amount of interest that you will pay over the life of your loan and can also help to shave years off the loan as well.

When you make ‘extra’ payments toward your mortgage, the key is to let your lender/bank know that you want the extra funds to go toward your principal balance as they might not automatically do this for you.

You don’t have to double your mortgage payment to make a big difference either!

If you have a 30-year mortgage on an average priced home (€250,000) with a 5% interest rate, you’ll be responsible for a €1,342.05 monthly principal and interest payment. Over the course of the loan, if you pay your exact monthly payment, you will have paid €233,133.89 in interest alone!

Paying a little extra can pay off big


  1. Pay an additional 1/12thof your mortgage payment every month


Benefit: In the example above, adding €111.84 to your monthly mortgage payment might not seem like a lot, but each year you will have paid one extra month’s worth of payments which will shorten the term of your loan by 4 years and 8 months, all while saving you €42,000 in interest!


  1. Pay an additional 50 per month towards your mortgage


Benefit: Fifty euro might not seem like enough to make a difference on the term of your loan, but that small amount will save you over €21,000 in interest and will take over 2 years off the end of your loan. Twenty-eight years from now, you’ll be happy to pay off your loan that much sooner!


  1. Make one-time lump sum payments when you can


Benefit: If you find yourself with a little extra money after a yearly bonus, or from an investment or inheritance, paying that money towards the principal can cut your costs. This option, however, is less predictable than the extra monthly payments.

If you have higher interest debts, like credit cards or a car loan, consider using any extra funds you have to pay those debts down before applying that money towards your mortgage. Also, if you do not plan on staying in your home for more than 10 years, paying extra toward your mortgage might not make great sense.

The bottom line

If you’re wondering what strategies would work best for you to shorten the term of your loan, consult an independent mortgage advisor who can answer your questions or connect us and we will recommend an independent advisor, who may well save you thousands of Euro.

Global Properties have been giving property related advice since 1972. Call us if you want to buy, sell, let or value a property.

6 good reasons to buy a home in 2019

January 24, 2019 #

January is the time of year that many people look at their lives and make plans for the year ahead. If you are thinking about your housing needs, we attach 6 reasons to buy a home;

  1. Capital Appreciation.

Historically, residential property has had a long-term, growth in value. In fact, homes in Ireland have increased in value by an average of in excess of 7% p.a. since the early 1970s. The recent housing crisis has caused some to question the long-term value of housing, but even in the most recent 10 years, which included the worst recession ever in Ireland, housing, values are now back to near their peak. With employment continuing to grow, the old axiom “where there is jobs, people need houses” is very true.

  1. Equity.

Money paid for rent is money that you’ll never ever see again, but as mortgage repayments are part capital, part interest, it lets you build equity in your home.

  1. Savings.

Building equity in your home is a ready-made savings plan. And when you sell, your gain is tax free. This is very handy, if you are looking to trade-up, as without the capital saved from a first home, very few people could afford a “family home”.

  1. Predictability.

Unlike rent, you can fix your mortgage repayments for up to 10 years, so that your payments don’t rise over the years.

  1. Freedom.

The home is yours. You can decorate any way you want and choose the types of upgrades and new amenities that appeal to you and your lifestyle.

  1. Stability.

Remaining in one location for a couple of years allows you and your family time to build long-lasting relationships within the community. It also offers children the benefit of educational and social continuity.

Call us in Global Properties now, and we will help you to move on with your plans. At Global properties we sell property fast, efficiently and hassle free.

Summary of 2019 -House Prices increase. Rents increase. Housing shortfall persists.

January 15, 2019 #

The dominant feature of the Irish property market last year remained the shortage in supply of homes in all sectors (purchase and rental, large and small, houses and apartments), however, over the course of 2018, there was some improvement in house building activity.


Comparing the first three quarters of 2018 to the same period of 2017 shows that new supply increased at a rate of 28%. New housing completions for 2018 may total around 18,500, up circa 4,000 units from the 2017 figure of 14,435.

Forward looking indicators, such as housing starts, suggest that the improving dynamic in supply will continue. New housing commencements were up almost 25% in October on a year-to-date basis, with the 12-month running total rising to over 21,000 units. Planning permissions surged over the past year and were up by almost 70% year-on-year in the third quarter of 2018. It is important that this soon translates into an acceleration in the pace of growth in house building activity. In this regard, registration figures, which are seen as reflective of developer activity, have started to pick up again after having spent much of 2018 behind their 2017 levels.


Residential property prices continue to rise at a strong pace. However, there has been a noticeable slowdown in the rate of increase since the spring. Nationally, according to the latest CSO data, house prices rose by 8.4% year-on-year in October.


Outside the capital, prices rose by 10.6% year-on-year in October versus their recent high of 15.2% back in June. The deceleration in house price inflation largely reflects the impact of the central bank’s mortgage lending rules, which were tightened again in 2018.

These tighter mortgage lending rules will remain in place in 2019, suggesting that the pace of growth in house prices will stay in single digits this year. The relatively restrictive loan-to-income ratio of 3.5 times may also be serving as a constraint on the pace of growth. However, with the housing market still defined by an on-going shortfall in supply, prices are likely to continue rising in 2019.


The challenge facing the house building sector is to ensure that the surge in planning permissions over the last year quickly translates into sharply higher levels of house building activity. Housing output needs to double from its 2018 levels to meet annual demand and indeed, rise well above this level to meet the pent-up demand in the sector from the years of under-supply. It could be well into the next decade before supply and demand come close to balance, unless the pace of growth in house building accelerates from here.

We in Global Properties have New Homes for sale in Macroom and a number of other developments in the pipeline in Cork City, and surrounds.

Feel free to contact Con Nagle or Barry Nagle with any property related query in 2019. We’ve been advising people about property in Cork for more than 25 years each.


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