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Do you want to save €325 to €515 per month on your rent today?

Call us in Global to find out how (hint: it is far cheaper to buy than rent)

Buying any of these 5 houses, saves you hundreds per month.

20 Granary Court                    2 bedroomed apartment                      €220,000

Mortgage €775p.m.                 Rent €1,100p.m.             Save €325 every month

4 Shalimar                               Spacious 2/3 bed apartment                €265,000

Mortgage €925p.m.                 Rent €1,300p.m.                     Save €375 every month

2 The Cloisters                        3 bed Semi-detached                          €275,000

Mortgage €955p.m.                 Rent €1,400p.m.                     Save €445 every month

9 Glincool Villas                     3 bed Detached Bungalow                 €285,000

Mortgage €988p.m.                 Rent €1,450p.m.                     Save €462 every month


8 Berryfield, Classis Lake       4 Bed Detached                                  €380,000

Mortgage €1,285p.m.              Rent €1,800p.m.                     Save €515 every month


Assuming that a purchaser gets 90% finance over 30 years. While owning a property does not come without costs, it has many advantages also.

Note: Global Properties are not financial advisors/ mortgage brokers, and are just commenting on same and not giving financial advice.

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