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Do I have to pay Property Tax on the apartment we are renting?

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The Question that was asked

We are renting an apartment in a suburb of Cork City.  Are we liable for property tax even though we don’t own the property?


Before, we begin, we need to state that your lease is the contract between you and your landlord and should clearly set out each party’s obligations for the duration of the tenancy. In my experience, taxes associated with property ownership are NOT normally the responsibility of the tenant.

There are a number of taxes and expenses for which the property owner is liable. These include: the tenancy registration charge required by the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB), Property Management Company contributions, including Property Insurances and their own income taxes.

But it is the Property Tax, which has recently been in the news, that you refer to. In short, while the Government are reviewing the Tax at present, the responsibility for payment of the tax is the property owner’s as opposed to the occupier’s at the moment.

This is unlike the situation in the UK where the tax is payable by the occupier. I don’t see any mention of us going down the UK route, especially as the politicians all know the trouble and strife that the prospect of Water charges caused, a few short years ago.

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