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Hiring a “Buyers Agent” made this Cork investor €80,000.

Most people in Ireland think of estate agents as selling and letting property only, but we in Global Properties also provide a “Property Buyers Service”.

Last week (Feb. 2019) we sourced and bought a property for an investor, in Cork City, which was €80k under-valued. Yes €80,000 euro under the price of the last property sold in the estate. WOW, and our fee was only €5k.


In today’s fast-paced world, where answers are a Google search away, there are some who may wonder what the benefits of hiring a property professional to help them in their home or investment search are. The truth is, with the addition of more information, comes more confusion. Now more than ever, you need an expert on your side who is going to guide you toward your goal and not let anything get in the way of achieving them

Here are some of the reasons you need a professional in your corner:

There’s more to buying a property than finding a house you like online.

You want someone who has been there before, someone who knows what these actions are, to ensure you achieve your desired outcome.

You Need a Skilled Negotiator

In today’s market, hiring a talented negotiator could save you thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of Euros, in the above case. Alternatively, you might just need someone who can keep the deal together until it closes.

What is the property you’re buying worth in today’s market?

There is so much information out there, on the news and on the internet about property sales, prices, and mortgages, rate changes, etc. how do you know what’s going on in your area?

Hiring an agent who has their finger on the pulse of the market will make your buying experience an educated one.

Bottom Line

Today’s property market is highly competitive. Having a professional who’s been there, to guide you through the process is a simple step that will give you a huge advantage!

So if you are buying and want an expert sourcing the property for you feel free to contact Con Nagle or Barry Nagle. The initial Consultation is Free.

We’ve been advising people about property in Cork for more than 25 years each.

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